ICARUS Heat Exchange Group


We are a Dutch Company located in Rotterdam, erected in 1996. First as engineering office and sales agent and later (from 2014) we started to manufacture heat exchangers.

Our headquarters are located in the historical part of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, overviewing the river Maas. Our production is located about 25km south in the city of Zwijndrecht. We have an additional workshop in Poland for the production of base frames and other metal constructions.

Our signature product is a tailor made high end quality heat exchanger, eventually in combination with fans, dampers and filters. Our clientele is mainly operating in the segments offshore, food & dairy, power and energy, pulp & paper, HVAC and surface technology.

As you know, time always is an enemy especially for replacements items. Our target is on-time delivery and if not feasible due to circumstances we always inform the customer well on time about this. We are not a company that promises a lot (just to take in the order) but in the end doesn’t fulfill its promises. What we cannot comply to we inform straight from the beginning (e.g. lead time, type of construction, requested pricing).

Replacement items can be sent to our shop where we will check the unit on materials applied, measurements and production method used. We can offer  (budget quote) our alternative usually within a working week.  

We are very proud that we are one of the few manufacturers who can produce fully titanium finned heat exchangers. We were present at ONS2018 with this product which started our introduction on Scandinavian market. Our first Norwegian order came only 3 months after this exhibition and was delivered last March. It was opinioned as ‘very good’ by the end user. We manufacture these products mainly for offshore platforms for various purposes. The units are all TIG welded in fully inert environment.


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3016 CM Rotterdam

The Netherlands

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